mob area: AH, Dark Dreams
mob name: Fandalg master meditation undead
mob look: Motionless as a carving, Fandalg is trying to contact his inner self.
mob desc: Fandalg's eyes are gentle blue like a warm summer's sky-- at first glance.
At second glance, they prove to be as icy blue as a Yeti's. The master of
meditation, Fandalg does not blink, and takes a breath every five minutes.
Sitting in a lotus position with arms criss-crossed at his chest, Fandalg
is trying to contact his inner self. He looks like he would have
succeeded, had you not been in sight. With a soft throaty growl, Fandalg
slowly, almost too slowly raises his right hand...
Fandalg is in an excellent condition.
comments: perma sanc
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added: by Kamazoh , 26.04.2002 13:42 MSK