mob area: AH, Dark Dreams
mob name: Lord Ixtl black death knight undead
mob look: Both Lord Ixtl and his reflection in the mirror look at you with disdain.
mob desc: Besides being a knight and a lord, Ixtl is also undead, and don't you
forget that. Only a specific scent of rotting flesh indicates that,
though. Lord Ixtl is a narcissist in the very meaning of it; he stares at
his reflection in the mirror with true passion and love. Twice an average
man's size, Lord Ixtl is quick, strong as a mountain, and barely as smart.
He carries a jet black sword, and an air of disdain towards anyone not a
lord, not a knight, and not even undead.
Lord Ixtl is in an excellent condition.
comments: perma sanc
items found: adamantine gloves

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added: by Kamazoh , 26.04.2002 13:47 MSK