mob area: AH, Dark Dreams
mob name: dying emaciated mage mageling
mob look: An emaciated mageling is about to collapse.
mob desc: A lad of maybe seventeen suns, he has only started learning magic, an apprentice,
hardly an adept. The latest events have definitely driven him crazy.
The mage is emaciated: pale skin stretched too tightly over fragile bones.
He drags himself across the streets of the ruined Bal Harbor, and looks
truly like he has been in more than a few hot fights. He has won until
now, but his hands are charred and his flesh is seared, a sign of spells
out of control. The mageling sees you, and, considering you another of the
undead foes in this world gone wrong, raises his hands in a desperate
attempt to cast his last spell.
A dying mage is in an excellent condition.
comments: perma sanc
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added: by Kamazoh , 26.04.2002 14:22 MSK