mob area: TH, Cicero's Prison
mob name: jailer dwarf massive
mob look: A massive jailer stands here playing with a dart.
mob desc: The jailer is a dwarf, however his height is deceptive. Despite being
short he is extremely strong. He holds a dart in his right hand, playfully
aiming for the bull's eye on the dart board on the southern wall of his
rest room. He wears a beret with a 'Badge of Royalty', a sign of utmost
necessity to the Crown. He resembles the nameless barman of Thalassas. He seems unhappy with his job and doesn't look to have the nerve a brutal profession like his requires. He wears a jacket of the kings elite guard, from old times perhaps. A big humming key hangs from his steel belt.
The jailer is in an excellent condition.
items found: emerald encrusted dart
jacket engraved with the king's symbol

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added: by Ferrum , 05.05.2002 18:55 MSK