mob area: AH, Zwolfs
mob name: zwolf female old
mob look: An ancient zwolf stands here, looking vacantly into nothingness. A very old zwolf glows with a brigh
mob desc: Six feet tall, with white hair that reaches down to her waist and dark,
iris-less eyes, the emaciated old lady may have been beautiful in her faraway youth. Her tunic seems to be more a matter of status and decoration than of warmth, as it doesn't even cover her thighs and reveals more of her torso than it hides. Her skin is heavily wrinkled, sagging in many spots where it used to be fuller. She wears several stripes of multicolored fur, both sewn on the tunic and as jewelry.
A very old zwolf is in an excellent condition.
comments: permasanced
items found: sapphire ring

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added: by Ferrum , 01.06.2002 20:38 MSK