mob area: AH, Crypt
mob name: Kalipha ugly gorgon
mob look: A terrible, unsightly gorgon is here feeding her pet and ignoring you.
mob desc: Large sores give the greenish-black gorgon a spotted look. Two huge
arms protrude from the segmented midsection providing the creature with
it's only means of movement. Small snakes atop the repulsive head move
in a horrible unison. Black, completely twisted nails at the very end
of the mammoth arms, more closely resemble razor-sharp eagle talons in
appearance. Kalipha seems to look right through you as she
continues to feed her bloated pet.
Kalipha is in an excellent condition.
comments: aggro, see invis
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added: by Falsra , 19.07.2002 15:12 MSK