mob area: SS, Ettins
mob name: ettin giant wise
mob look: A two-headed giant sits at a desk concentrating on an abacus.
mob desc: An enigma of an ettin, this giant sits quietly at a stone desk. He seems
to be working on something with an abacus, while writing things down on
a piece of parchment with a quill pen. Quiet mumbling and the odd "A-ha!"
make their way out of the giant's mouths. The heads both have full sets of
long grey hair tied at the nape of its necks. It wears a simple white wool
shirt and leather pants. It notices you and says "Please, we're trying to
complete some very important work. We require solitude."
The wise ettin is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 21.07.2002 13:09 MSK