mob area: TH, Castle R'lyeh
mob name: large cthulga thing
mob look: A large creature of the night writhers around here.
mob desc: Flowing tentacle and puply gray-black, elongated sack of a body..... No
distinguishing features other than the reaching, groping tentacles. The
length of the body reaching greater than fifty feet. Its wormlike body
glistens with noisome secretions. Huge tentacles writhe at the creature's
head, while its tail leaves a trail of fetid mucus in its wake. As it
burrows through loose earth and solid rock, terrible chantlike vibrations
spread away in all directions.
Cthulga is in an excellent condition.
items found: lavender ellipsoid ioun stone
potion of mystical powers

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added: by Falsra , 10.08.2002 21:45 MSK