mob area: TH, Castle R'lyeh
mob name: shuggoth lord
mob look: A supremest polymorph hovers in mid-air.
mob desc: The Shuggoth Lord has evolved into a new stage of being. It is the
smartest of its kind although slightly smaller than previous Shuggoths.
The lord is cunning and prefers to play with its prey for awhile before
moving in for the kill. The Shuggoth Lord has a sense of self preservation
to avoid confontation when the odds seem to be against it, and is quite
willing to break off a fight or negotiate if its intended prey makes an
intriguing offer.
Shuggoth Lord is in an excellent condition.
comments: perma blind, lit and cloaked, dispel first.
barely solo for 5x40 in 2-3 runs
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added: by Falsra , 09.09.2002 18:18 MSK