mob area: TH, Castle R'lyeh
mob name: spectral guard
mob look: A spectral guard lurks in the shadows.
mob desc: The hideous standing humanoid is an estimated six to seven feet tall.
Rubbery, jet-black flesh covers its body. Its eyes are large and red, its
mouth wide and filled with rows of sharklike teeth. The spectral guard's
long, tapering nose matches its general appearance, which is horribly thin
and reedy except for a grossly distended abdomen. The guards feet are
roughly human, although clawed and vaguely weblike, but its hands have
grown ten-inch-long claws or been replaced altogether with two crablike
pinchers. When visible but immaterial, the spectral guard often appears to
float or hover slightly above the ground like ugly, bloated balloons.
Spectral guard is in an excellent condition.
comments: aggro, does not see invis, stab/wind, hits hard.
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added: by Falsra , 09.09.2002 18:21 MSK