mob area: SS, Temple of Fiends
mob name: gilla fiend
mob look: The fiend crouches, snarls, and bares its teeth at you!
mob desc: The fiend crouches, hunched over as if trying to support the massive
weight of the huge hump on its back. The creature is humanoid and, if it
were to stand straight, Gilla would tower an impressive ten feet high. Its
skin is black with long, thin strands of blood-red hair hanging off its
forearms, face, and calves. The long, four inch claws on Gilla's hands
look as if they could render flesh with ease. Its oversized head is
deformed and his mouth is filled with half a dozen rows of razor-sharp teeth.

The fiend, Gilla is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 23.09.2002 19:13 MSK