mob area: SS, Temple of Fiends
mob name: manraken fiend
mob look: A fiendish creature opens its wide maw and roars!
mob desc: Manraken has red, leathery skin. Its muscles bulge with every movement and
its chest expands greatly, rapidly taking in the panicky breaths. The
fiend crouches close to the ground, scuffling along like a gorilla,
growling and snarling. Its head and hands are two sizes bigger than what
they should be for the eleven foot tall creature. Each of its teeth are
four inches long, some yellow while others are tinted green, and are in two
staggered rows in its mouth. The huge claws on the ends of the massive
hands extend from the fingertips as it screams his blood-curdling cry.
The fiend, Manraken is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering
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added: by Bazilus , 23.09.2002 19:19 MSK