mob area: SS, Temple of Fiends
mob name: overlord fiend
mob look: The overlord barks out commands, screaming at the top of its lungs.
mob desc: Standing sixteen feet tall, the overlord of the slave caverns barks out
orders, screaming at the top of its lungs to the zombie slaves as they pass
by the pedestal. The creature has pale gray hair with yellowish patches
under its eyes. The wide-eyes glow red and saliva drips from its mouth.
The overlord has an oversized cranium covered with straggly white hair.
Its huge hands have foot-long, razor-sharp claws. Upon seeing you, the
fiendish overlord shouts to get to work before leaping madly at you in
The overlord is in an excellent condition.
comments: summons mine supervisors
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added: by Bazilus , 23.09.2002 19:28 MSK