mob area: AH, Iceglen
mob name: Tenna'kysh Tenna kysh Winter Night
mob look: Tenna is more than just an ordinary mage of Ice Order. She is Winter Night.
mob desc: Tenna is a kysh, ranked 'Winter Night' and one of the highest among the
icemagi. She strides in silence and darkness, as is her way. Her soft
leather slippers, definitely enchanted, make no sound upon the icy floors.
She wears upon her arms some golden bracelets, nine circlets, each shaped
like twining vines and topped by a four-rayed diamond star. The bracelets
do not ring one against another as she goes, for she walks with her hands
clasped before her, tightly held so that her knuckles shine white where
bone presses against flesh. She seems disturbed by something, and her
unseeing stare meets yours with obvious rage.
Tenna'kysh is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 24.09.2002 19:00 MSK