mob area: AH, Iceglen
mob name: adamant ever-being ever being
mob look: An adamant ever-being moves about as fast as a rock grows.
mob desc: As motionless as a statue, the figure, however, doesn't seem quite dead.
There is a spark of life inside it. Of no particular shape, the being
resembles most different things from various angles of view. It may be
first cousin to a galeb duhr, and even more so related to golems. Its
'chest' moves about as fast as a rock grows, continuing to breathe one
breath each thirty minutes. Its heart barely turns over, and its
metabolism seems quite slow. Stalagmites have started to grow upon its
An adamant ever-being is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 24.09.2002 19:06 MSK