mob area: AH, Iceglen
mob name: Athanas elf
mob look: Athanas makes a show of inspecting his bow, and craves to put an arrow in you, or two.
mob desc: If not actually an elven military uniform, elf Athanas's dress is very
warlike. Double bandoliers of small stilettoes form a lethal 'X' across
his chest. Black leather is dominant in his clothing, and his posture
matches his attire. He stands rigidly erect, his high, slim torso not
bending even slightly. There is an arcane quiver over his one shoulder,
and a longbow in his hands, which the elf demonstratively examines. By the
look of him, he could only think you would look much better with an arrow
leftside of your chest, preferably between the third and fourth ribs.
Athanas is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 24.09.2002 19:20 MSK