mob area: AH, Iceglen
mob name: Maestro Noir Master Night Lord Ice wizard icemage
mob look: His wizardness Maestro Noir, Master of the Night, Lord of the Ice, is but two feet tall.
mob desc: Noir has all the typical features of a stylish wizard: a peaked black hat,
a cryptically marked flowing robe, a long white beard that could sure use
some trimming, a pair of thick glasses in front of dancing black eyes, and
the power to match the image. The only thing he truly lacks is height.
Indeed, Maestro Noir is barely over two feet tall; but he is a wizard, an
icemage, and don't you forget that. There is an air of disdain about him
that only a great wizard can properly carry. Great enough to destroy a
world, starting with you.
Maestro Noir is in an excellent condition.
items found: black tricornered hat
obsidian serpent

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added: by Bazilus , 24.09.2002 19:30 MSK