mob area: AH, Iceglen
mob name: ice spider frenzy colors
mob look: A frenzied iridescence of colors and a heap of silk take the shape of an ice spider.
mob desc: Size and attire alone would have made the giant spider worthy of notice,
even if he wasn't singing quietly. The spider rests on four legs, softly
murmuring a song with his unblinking, lidless multiple eyes fixed on
nothing particular. His body is bright yellow with concentric triangles
decorating the underside of the sternum. The slim abdomen has blue strips
running down both the dorsal and ventral sides. Complementing this barrage
of natural coloration is a swirling, airy apparel of scarves and cloth of
pure self-woven silk. It is twisted and wrapped sari-style around the
neck, cephalothorax, abdomen, and upper portions of the legs and arms.
Somehow it does not entangle the spider's limbs when he moves.
An ice spider is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 24.09.2002 19:42 MSK