mob area: TH, Cicero's Prison
mob name: masked massive prisoner man noble
mob look: A massive, masked prisoner sits here, finishing his meal.
mob desc: Despite his position, his head towers above you. This must be a man of
gigantic proportions. An iron mask protects his head. Despite many years
spent in prison, he looks powerful yet his gentle hands make it obvious that
he is handy with magic. On his neck he wears a symbol which indicates his
noble blood. From the middle of it a large diamond sticks out, catching the
glimmering light and playing with it. He wears new clothes and he seems to
have been treated too well for a prisoner. He is not happy at your presence
but he seems happy to expel some aggression at your cost.
A massive, masked prisoner is in an excellent condition.
comments: sanced
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added: by Bazilus , 29.09.2002 13:38 MSK