mob area: TH, Cicero's Prison
mob name: tortured elf archer
mob look: An elven archer sits on his straw mat crying.
mob desc: The elven archer is tall and lanky. His body suggests agility and
precision yet lacks power and strength. His eyes water as he looks over
his missing fingers, two on each hand. He looks drained of energy and an
anger glows from within his handsome eyes. His long, formerly blonde hair
has lost its color and is now tied into a ponytail which falls loosely onto
his back. He doesn't look welcoming and fury, unusual for his race, is
imprinted on his sorrow-branded face.
A tortured elf is in an excellent condition.
comments: sanced
items found: piece of inscribed dwarf skin

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added: by Bazilus , 29.09.2002 16:38 MSK