mob area: TH, Cicero's Prison
mob name: blacksmith smith man
mob look: The prison blacksmith moves slowly, thinking over his next task.
mob desc: The prison blacksmith is huge. This man is far taller than 7 feet and
stocky too. His muscular build is evident, as he doesn't wear a shirt. On
his huge hands he wears cloth gloves and he holds a massive hammer. He
wears a short beard which drips with water. His face looks to have lost
humanity yet at the same time intellect shines out through his bright,
glimmering eyes. A massive jagged axe hangs from his belt. On his finger
he wears a blue, metal ring with a strange insignia.
The prison blacksmith is in an excellent condition.
items found: huge hammer

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added: by Bazilus , 29.09.2002 16:43 MSK