mob area: SS, Xanthippe
mob name: Baron Clause von Owen
mob look: Baron Clause von Owen is sleeping in his bed, snoring loudly.
mob desc: This man is clothed in a red silk night shirt and cap. He has gray hair
and the ashen skin tone of a man advanced in years. His very large nose
has the reddish hue of a man who enjoys spirits. His moustache is neatly
groomed and waxed into a curl at the ends. He is laying in a comfortable
looking bed and is snoring quite loudly. An emblem of a family crest is
sewn upon the breast of his pajamas. His left arm has been amputated at
the elbow, and is dressed with white cloth bandages.
Baron Clause von Owen is in an excellent condition.
comments: sleeping
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added: by Bazilus , 01.10.2002 18:46 MSK