mob area: SS, Xanthippe
mob name: evil heucuva undead skeleton
mob look: A heucuva glares at you with its abysmal eyes.
mob desc: The heucuva is a humanoid skeleton of normal size. Its bones are covered
by a robe that is little more than tatterd rags. The rags faintly show
symbols from the religon the heucuva once lived by, but turned against.
The heucuva attacks with the sharp finger bones of its hands which can
readily rip and tear flesh. A poison ochre drips from its jagged fangs.
The skeleton moans and wails in a horrifying manner.
A heucuva skeleton is in an excellent condition.

comments: wandering, aggro
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added: by Bazilus , 01.10.2002 19:14 MSK