mob area: SS, Xanthippe
mob name: the Lizard King
mob look: The Lizard King stands here, arrogantly admiring his treasure cache.
mob desc: The Lizard King is a six foot tall lizard wearing a purple robe.
He wears a golden crown inlaid with exquisitely cut jewels. In his right
hand he wields a sceptre forged from the purest gold. Periodically, he
pounds the sceptre into his other hand; as if to gain your attention.
He moves about in an arrogant fashion, muttering whimsical comments under
his breath. His serpentine tail moves with a slithering motion. He has
powerful muscles, and appears to be an extremely dangerous opponent.
The Lizard King is in an excellent condition.
items found:

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added: by Bazilus , 01.10.2002 19:43 MSK