mob area: SS, Underdark
mob name: gnome inventor head
mob look: The head inventor sits at his desk, examining a model of the mining machine.
mob desc: Sitting behind a large wooden desk, is a middle aged gnome wearing a dirty,
white labcoat. Upon closer examination, he also wears a small green hat
with a device on top which signifies his position as Head Inventor. The
Head Inventor is responsible for all of the projects going on at the
Invention Center and is always very busy. Recent problems with many of the
ongoing projects have turned his regularly hectic schedule into a frantic
panic of damage control and reconstruction. Your intrusion interrupts his
work and upsets his timetables even more, so he turns to deal with you.
The head inventor is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 02.10.2002 19:07 MSK