mob area: Lyme, Shadowlands
mob name: demon minidemon small joyful undead being
mob look: A miniature, joyful demon happily plays with some shadows.
mob desc: This demon is about two feet tall and seems to be more than playful. The
only reason the creature cannot be properly called an imp are its demonic
features: red scaly skin, a pair of curly horns, long and thin fangs
protruding from under the upper lip. The torso of the undead being and its
bare crotch imply the demon is a male. He is playing what seems to be
hide-and-seek with the shadows around, and is more than happy to encounter
you, another possible participant in the never-ending game.
A minidemon is in an excellent condition.
items found: Caduceus

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added: by Uziel , 09.10.2002 20:37 MSK