mob area: Lyme, Shadowlands
mob name: Longshadow shadow master mass shadows
mob look: A swirling mass of shadows forms Shadow Master Longshadow.
mob desc: The shadow master Longshadow is skinny and lean as well as mean and nasty.
Born to be a villain, he has quite succeeded at this. Longshadow is one of
the greatest shadow masters both by his innate talent and his natural
intellect. A robe woven from the very essence of shadows enwraps him
completely, leaving no glimpses of flesh should he have any. The hood of
his robe almost entirely obscures Longshadow's facial features, and only a
long nose protrudes forth, topped off by two orbs glowing in the darkness
of the hood.
Longshadow is in an excellent condition.
items found: Caduceus

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added: by Uziel , 09.10.2002 20:38 MSK