mob area: Lyme, Shadowlands
mob name: Silentshadow still silent figure being shadow master
mob look: A lean, tall figure gestures silently, enforcing the spell of silence around.
mob desc: Rumors say that Silentshadow had taken a vow of silence long, long time
ago, but was unable to hold to it. In a desperate attempt to win the lost
battle, he withdrew to the Shadowlands where he wove a complicated system
of magical spells to prevent anyone including himself from saying a word.
Silentshadow is one of the few shadow masters able to control the magic
with gestures only, and this, in combination with his superior knowledge of
martial arts, makes him a formidable though quite silent enemy.
Silentshadow is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Uziel , 09.10.2002 20:40 MSK