mob area: Lyme, Shadowlands
mob name: amused kender wanderlust
mob look: A kender drifts along, teasing some shadows and their masters.
mob desc: His broad grin, brown eyes sparkling with mischief and the special kender
giggle create a certain aura of joy about him, invisible yet sensible. The
joyful, cheerful mood provides a contrast as sharp as a sable gimlet
against the dull landscape of the Shadowlands. The kender has
understandably diminutive stature. The famed kender weapon, a forked
hoopak, is held firmly in his right hand. The kender beams a warm smile at
you, while doing what kenders do best: flooding you with innumerable
questions and storytelling. The shadows around him seem to be quite
desperate as they try to avoid the contact with the kender at all costs.
A wanderlust kender is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Uziel , 09.10.2002 20:56 MSK