mob area: Lyme, Shadowlands
mob name: Shadowallen Zodiac shadow mage
mob look: *Shadowallen, the Zodiac mage, was trying to concentrate.
mob desc: Three things mark this young man as a shadow mage: the strange, fixed
position of his hands, a look of total concentration upon his face, and the
shadows that swirl about him. His face is partially hidden behind the hood
of his robe skillfully embroidered with scorpions, a sign that he belongs
to the Zodiac order. One of the very few Zodiac mages to study the nature
of shadow magic, Shadowallen has eyes like gimlets, sparkling jet adamant,
piercing, able to connect vast worlds of impatience. He makes a swift and
obscene magical gesture, trying to stay undisturbed.
Shadowallen, the Zodiac mage is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Uziel , 09.10.2002 20:58 MSK