mob area: AH, The Unseen University
mob name: captured ustilagor larvae brain intellect devourer
mob look: (Red Aura)A small brain wiggles on the ground here.
mob desc: The intellect devourer is nothing more than a massive pulsating brain with
four muscular bestial legs. The legs are jointed and each one terminates
with three razor-sharp talons. The brain oozes vile toxic liquids out of
both hemispheres. It appears very unhappy about being locked up and leaps to the attack!
An ustilagor larvae is in an excellent condition.
comments: 600k, nostab, aggro, pojavljaetsja comandoj open jar v komnate alchemistov, pri pojavlenii nemedlenno atakuet, bjet tri raza brutally i po -9 pochti ne mazhet, umiraet s dvuh moih window
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added: by Ferrum , 09.11.2002 15:09 MSK