mob area: TH, Town of Thalassas
mob name: alchemist thalassas store
mob look: A tall, lanky man sells potions and curealls.
mob desc: Narrow shouldered and narrow beaked, the alchemist would be instantly
accepted by any troupe of actors as the perfect evil Vizier. His smile
is kindly, but not very reassuring when perched on top of such a length
of smelly, strangely-spotted white robe. A round cap covers the top of
his head, not quite managing to hide a widening bald spot.
An alchemist is in an excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a potion of knitting
a potion of insight
a potion of protection
a potion of cleansing
a piece of parchment
an inkwell
a feather quill
a multicolored headband
a beribboned cloak
a beribboned vest
sandals of standing
a small vial of a colorless liquid
comments: shopkeeper
items found: feather quill
potion of knitting
potion of insight

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added: by Ferrum , 15.11.2002 11:12 MSK