mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: Master Thief Hun T'un
mob look: Ch'ung-Kuo's most notorious thief, Hun T'un, stands here against the wall.
mob desc: He is a stocky man, standing four feet tall and probably weighing about
140 pounds. Hun T'un is dressed in all black leather except for his boots
which are a dull gray colored skin of some unknown kind. His face is
hidden by a constant shadow which seems to follow him around. Rumored to
be the wicked son of the Yellow Emperor, he is the most feared person in
Ch'ung-Kuo because of his past ties to a few assassinated officals.
comments: Two vicious attacks/small chop mob.
items found: silver inlaid spellbook

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added: by Mace , 08.01.2003 10:53 MSK