mob area: AH, City of Ice
mob name: icy baker
mob look: The baker smiles down at you cheerily over his icy counter.
mob desc: A fat, jolly, purple-faced man looks adoringly at the pastries on the
windowsill. He is wearing a big white work shirt and an apron, slightly
smudged with chocolate frosting. He holds a cookie cutter in one hand and
an oven mit in the other. The baker has strong hands, with dough under the
fingernails, which don't give the impression of the accuracy and delicacy
needed for decorating cakes and pastries. Nevertheless, the desserts which
surround him are beautifully made and the details are masterfuly crafted.
The baker is in excellent condition.
comments: 1000 exps 52 coins
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added: by Ferrum , 10.05.2003 22:37 MSK