mob area: SS, Temple of Tower
mob name: vision tower ghostly
mob look: A ghostly vision of Tower floats just over the floor of the temple. A ghostly vision of Tower is sur
mob desc: The ghostly vision floats just above the floor as it traverses the temple.
It offers a warm greeting to worshipers and asks them their prayers. The
vision takes the form of a fantastically tall human male of fair skin and
fair hair with hazel eyes. It is wearing an equally-ghostly suit of plate
armor, emblazoned with a golden letter 'T'.
A ghostly vision of Tower is in excellent condition.

a ghostly vision of Tower is using:
held a volume with a splintered cover..It emits a faint humming sound!
comments: Do you feel lucky, punk?
items found: volume with a splintered cover

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added: by Ferrum , 12.05.2003 00:47 MSK