mob area: BH, School of Cholemry
mob name: man visitor Thalassas Thalassian
mob look: A Thalassian visitor passes on the festival in order to study.
mob desc: The Thalassian visitor is wearing his best clothes. The front of his vest
is almost totally covered by the complicated embroidery, and more
embroidery climbs the seams of his breeches. His boots of black leather
and silver belt buckle shine, and the brooch that indicates his guild
appears as if to outshine all the rest. He is carrying a small rag doll,
dressed in the same clothes as its owner.
A Thalassian visitor is in excellent condition.
a Thalassian visitor is using:
held a clay key..It emits a faint humming sound!
comments: Now where did that chicken go?

items found: clay key

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added: by Ferrum , 14.05.2003 16:04 MSK