mob area: BH, School of Cholemry
mob name: man spy Count Voorkmer
mob look: A short and squat man in brown robes maps the building.
mob desc: The shadowy figure's greasy black hair descends straight down from the
crest of his head to his shoulders. His thin brows hang low over his eyes
and a tight smile spreads cautiously from the corners of his mouth.
Everything about this man insists he is dangerous, sneaking, and sly.
Count Voorkmer's spy is in excellent condition.
Count Voorkmer's spy is using:
held a key made of crystalline glass..It emits a faint humming sound!
comments: Now where did that chicken go?
wandering, splork, loots
items found: key made of crystalline glass

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added: by Ferrum , 14.05.2003 16:09 MSK