mob area: BH, School of Cholemry
mob name: incompetent chemist man
mob look: A chemist with burnt eyebrows and a stained apron seems dismayed.
mob desc: The chemist wears an incredibly filthy smock that may once have been white, but is more of a hideous gray these days. Stains of all colors and sizes blend into the cloth between the numerous burnt places and scorch marks. A few of his hairs are shriveled from a recent experiment gone wrong. As he studiously ignores his students, he mutters something about pouring sulfuric acid into water.
The incompetent chemist is in excellent condition.
comments: Now where did that chicken go?
60k exps about splork
items found: vial of sulphuric acid.

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added: by Ferrum , 14.05.2003 16:22 MSK