mob area: BH, School of Cholemry
mob name: ethics instructor woman
mob look: A thin and lanky woman, the ethics instructor, ponders a textbook.The ethics instructor glows with a
mob desc: The instructor of cholemnic ethics is a gangly old crone who, judging from
the way she struts around the room, has held on to her position mainly
through guile and the feminine arts of persuasion. It is truly amazing
that anyone could be persuaded by her at all, considering her physically
degenerate state, but perhaps the headmasters of this school are that sick. Her pendulous breasts hang almost to her belly, not due to size, but rather to the action of gravity over extended periods of tme. This woman is in serious need of a youth-giving formula.
The ethics instructor is in excellent condition.

the ethics instructor is using:
held a shattered key..It emits a faint humming sound!
comments: Fairly easy. Permasanced
about 250k exps, summons many different aggro golems at death
open portal to Time keeper at death
items found: Caduceus
shattered key

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added: by Ferrum , 14.05.2003 16:36 MSK