mob area: BH, School of Cholemry
mob name: Mister James Haupha
mob look: James Haupha reviews the latest financial indicators.
mob desc: James Haupha is a man with a guilty conscience, or at least that's how he
looks. His cheeks are a perpetual rosy red that serve only to amplify his
cauliflower-like nose. He angrily rages at those who have accused him of
various dastardly deeds, accusing them of all sorts of crimes against
nature. Thick ermine cloaks drape from his shoulders to the ground,
leaving ample room for two or more people underneath. A rustling sound is occasionally heard from within his garments, as if something live were
trying to get out.
Mister Haupha is in excellent condition.
comments: You would need a lot of luck and great equipment!
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added: by Ferrum , 15.05.2003 02:42 MSK