mob area: Lyme, Pagoda
mob name: poet old man haiku
mob look: An old man in a tattered robe is here writing on a sheet of papyrus.
mob desc: A slender man with thin white hair and a crooked beard watches the wind
blow through the leaves. He is lost in the sun's glare off the boughs and
seems to be wearing an endless smile on his face. The man's smile only
ceases when he starts to utter a short poem in the same rhythmic pattern.
It is a variation of three sentences consisting of five syllables, then
seven, then five. Once in a while he pulls out an inkstone from his robe's
pocket and writes something down on a sheet of papyrus.
A haiku poet is in excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 15.05.2003 13:31 MSK