mob area: SS, Mansion of the Mourned
mob name: Mordel entrance guardian
mob look: Mordel the guardian doesn't look like he will let you in easily.
mob desc: Mordel the entrance guardian is polite, oh, polite as the spider inviting
the fly. His lips are parted in a smile, or possibly a smirk. His smile
is swordsteel, his laughter sword-clashing. His teeth seem all white and
pointy. His stare is that of a rapacious bird, and a burning fire, as of
a Hell's forge, sets agleam his eyes. His immobility is reminiscent of a
cobra's before an ambush. He is mortally dangerous. Few survive Mordel.
Mordel is in excellent condition.
comments: As i have been told it is like never missing Mandiblaton :)
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added: by Falsra , 16.05.2003 16:23 MSK