mob area: SS, Mansion of the Mourned
mob name: Mattimeo lord
mob look: Lord Mattimeo circles the length of his bedroom nervously, shaking.
mob desc: The lord stalks through the vast antechamber, each step charged with the
nervous energy of a caged panther. His tension surrounds him with an aura
of danger. He is a big man, muscled and corded, moving like a tiger on the
prowl. He gives an impression of massive strength kept under constant
constraint. His skin is tracked by a hundred scars. There isn't an ounce
of softness in or on him. The lord is muttering under his breath, and a
barely noticeable timbre of fear inundates his intermittent voice.
Mattimeo is in excellent condition.
comments: ~2winds, 800k xp
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added: by Falsra , 16.05.2003 16:29 MSK