mob area: SS, Mansion of the Mourned
mob name: Moire lady ghost
mob look: Lady Moire looks as beautiful as it is possible for a ghost to be.
mob desc: Moire is a creature created for no other purpose than love. Her hair
is full, lush, and long, complementing the exquisite curves of her body.
She is tall, and she wears a light dress, cut square at the neck. The
dress has no colors to distract from the way it caresses Moire's form.
For some reason, Moire's face is disfigured by what seems to be the
twisting agony of mortal grief. Upon closer inspection, it is evident
that this goddess of a woman is but a ghost of what she used to be.
Moire is in excellent condition.
comments: ethereal, ~2winds, can wind you too :)
600k xp
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added: by Falsra , 16.05.2003 16:31 MSK