mob area: SS, Mansion of the Mourned
mob name: fanged gargoyle
mob look: Splashing about in the acid, a small fanged gargoyle frolics about.
mob desc: While most gargoyles tend to be acid-fearing creatures, this particular one
seems to embrace it. He happily sloshes around, and emits strange calling
noises. His skin appears to be made of the same substance as the fountain,
which explains his disregard for the acid. Smiling, he absent-mindedly
spits a stream of acid outside the room. Some platemail, glowing with
a soft aura but almost completely dissolved, covers the creature's body.
A fanged gargoyle is in excellent condition.
comments: aggro, nostab, 1wind, 400k xp
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added: by Falsra , 16.05.2003 16:45 MSK