mob area: SS, Mansion of the Mourned
mob name: root writhing huge gnarled green
mob look: Something huge, gnarled, green, and ugly slithers in the dark.
mob desc: It looks very much like a root of some kind, one of the hairier, twistier
varieties - the sort of thing that no sane gardener could nurture without
falling prey to nightmares. The creature bears no more resemblance to a
human being than a demogorgon to a snuggle-bunny, yet there is something
positively humanlike in its stalk through the night. Its way is very
portentous, ominous, wary, and full of danger. At times it rears and
scans the vicinity with whatever sensory means it possesses.
A green writhing root is in excellent condition.
comments: aggro, wanders, 1wind, 100k xp
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added: by Falsra , 16.05.2003 16:58 MSK