mob area: Valkyre, Autumnal Forest
mob name: Kiteen woman
mob look: Kiteen walks with grim determination and an aura of thinly veiled rage.
mob desc: Her right hand is slung across her chest, badly strained or even broken,
but her left hand, firmly clenched in a fist, rises and falls with each
determined step. Each strike of her heels leaves a deep notch in the
ground. Kiteen is human, but she has dressed and geared like an elf whose family has some means: silk and deerskin and low-heeled walking boots of the finest cut. She is well-made, long-legged and slender of waist. She is round in all the best places, too, and the cut of her hauberk shows more than just the silver-and-sapphire necklace she wears.
Kiteen is in excellent condition.
items found: silver-and-sapphire necklace

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added: by Ferrum , 17.05.2003 19:52 MSK