mob area: Valkyre, Autumnal Forest
mob name: Miki warrior
mob look: Miki the warrior is resting inside the gigantic hollow.
mob desc: Miki really has the bad fortune of always losing parts of himself in
battle. He misses an eye, an arm, half an ear, and two fingers on his
remaining hand. A risky, adventurous type, one day he will lose a part he
won't do without, his head. But this day is yet to come and catch Miki off
guard, which is unlikely to happen. His alert eyes dart back and forth as
his lips tauten. He is heavily muscled, but not overly so. Miki might
have been moderately good-looking once, a few decades ago, but not anymore.
Miki is in excellent condition.
items found: velvet eyepatch

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added: by Ferrum , 17.05.2003 20:08 MSK