mob area: Valkyre, Autumnal Forest
mob name: dragon brass
mob look: With his long ears laid back, this brass dragon looks quite fierce.
mob desc: Brass dragons traditionally are not aligned with evil, and this one doesn't
look like he would attack unless he is hungry. Where blades of light strike
him, his scales shine greenish gold. For a strange reason, the dragon's brass jaws have widened, revealing saber-sized teeth and a forked black tongue flecked with gold. He must be baring his teeth for an attack, or grinning, or both. Wisps of fine vapor trickle from the dragon's nostrils. From time to time the vaporous threads thicken until they become a mist that envelopes the brass dragon's neck and head, and his tail begins to twitch from side to side in a very feline manner.
A brass dragon is in excellent condition.
items found: scroll of dragonfire

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added: by Ferrum , 17.05.2003 20:23 MSK