mob area: Valkyre, Autumnal Forest
mob name: harpy dirty
mob look: A harpy lets a few droppings loose as she sees you.
mob desc: The harpy has a human face and human breasts, so is in that sense female.
But in lieu of arms she has great greasy wings, and her body is that of a
gross, dirty bird. Not only are her face and breasts grotesquely shaped,
grime is caked on them. She represents much that is ugly in the female
form. Though legends have it that a harpy's voice is charming, this one's
voice is squeaky at best, anything but charming.
A dirty harpy is in excellent condition.
items found: braided band of tiger fur
strange triangular shaped token
strange triangular shaped token

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added: by Ferrum , 17.05.2003 20:27 MSK